4 Must-Knows For Converting A Loft To Save Money

Many people today are weighing up the options for either moving home or converting their unused roof space into a loft. Today buying a new home will set you back around 100 times more than you would spend on doing a loft conversion. Additionally, moving home will require you to pay additional costs in solicitor’s fees and hiring a moving company. This amount will no doubt not cover any hidden costs.

4 Must-Knows For Converting A Loft To Save Money

It is for this reason that more people are turning to loft conversions. Not only are they saving on money but they are also finding that there is actually much more space available in the roof than they first thought possible. When looking at conversions for lofts, there are a number of options available to you and the one you choose is dependent on your needs. If you already have a larger home you might even find that you can convert a substantial portion of your roof and this will mean you can include two bedrooms and possibly even an extra area.

Chatting with your builder

Before you get started on your conversion you need to sit down with several qualified builders both those working independently and those who work for reputed building firms. Make sure that you get a number of quotes and find out in detail what will be covered in the building process. Additionally, ask around at what friends and family members paid for their conversions. By asking around in the area where you live, you will be able to get a good idea of how much other paid for their conversions and you’ll have a bench park figure on what builders will charge you.

Choosing the right people for the job

Once you have a few quotes you need to sit down and decide which type of company you will be going with. You might find that a building company will need to bring in additional craftsmen and this will cost you extra. Specialist companies dealing with loft conversions will arrive at your property will everything they need to complete the job. You might also find that building companies may take longer to complete the conversion that a specialist company would.

Do you permission to convert to a loft?

This is an important step in the process of converting your loft. Make sure that if you need to get permission for a loft conversion that you do so before work starts at your property. This is a simple process and will mean that you will need to pay a visit to your local council offices and put forward an inquiry. It really should not take long before you have your answer and will mean that your conversion will be done without you breaking any local laws.

Adding the extras

Once work has started on your loft you need to know that you can still change certain aspects of your conversion. Ask whether more plug points can be added to your loft or how about …

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8 Kitchen Gadgets You Absolutely Must Have

8 Kitchen Gadgets You Absolutely Must HaveTechnology has impacted every area of our lives, even the kitchen. The microwave is no longer seen as an advanced piece of technology and there are numerous kitchen gadgets that have been created to make cooking and cleaning a breeze. There are literally hundreds of different kitchen gadgets and this article will cover the best ones that you absolutely must have in 2019.

1. The Smart Fridge

Yes, the fridge has become one of the smartest gadgets in most homes, in particular the Family Hub 3 model by Samsung. This fridge has tons of features that greatly improves its ease of use. For example, this fridge has an internal camera so that you can actually see what is inside of it, when you’re not home, you can view the internals of your fridge through the camera via the SmartThings Samsung app on your smartphone. So, if you’re in the supermarket and you’re trying to remember if you have butter or not, you can easily view your fridge through the app and see if there’s butter. If there isn’t any, you can simply buy it at the grocery. The fridge also has a touch screen tablet that is built into it so that you can access different recipes and even order various ingredients needed for those recipes. The fridge is even voice activated so you can do all of this without lifting a finger.

2. The Smart Oven

Next is the Samsung Smart oven that you can also control through your smart phone and you can use the app to pre-heat the oven before you reach home. This makes preparing meals much faster since you don’t have to wait for the oven to pre-heat. This can help you to save up to 20 minutes which is essential with our busy lifestyles.

3. Hood & Hob

If you’re like most people, you often forget to put on the extractor fan while you’re cooking to remove any smells. This often leads to unwanted smells being around for many days which is quite annoying. Thankfully, with the connected hood and hob, they work together and the fan automatically turns on once it determines you’re cooking. The fan is also automatically placed on the correct level. This greatly helps to reduce smells from cooking throughout the home as well as prevents damage to your home from smoke and moisture.

4. The Smart Dishwasher

The smart dishwasher is a definite must-have, not just because it makes washing the dishes easy, but how it detects when something has gone wrong. This dishwasher has sensors inside of it which determine when there are any leaks or blockages. Once it detects there is a problem, it has an alert which lets you know something is wrong. These smart dishwashers even cut off the water so that flooding doesn’t occur in your kitchen and home.

5. Cabinet Plus

Most people have tons of jars and food packages that are long expired lurking in the corners of their kitchen cupboards. …

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Tips to Sell Your Home Relatively Fast

Tips to Sell Your Home Relatively FastOn Rightmove so far, 28% of available houses have been on the market for more than 6 months. At least 8% of homes have been listed for over 12 months. In 2018, 26% of homes had been up for sale longer than half a year and in 2017, the figure was 27%.

However, these numbers are a significant improvement from 2012, when over 40% of houses had not secured a buyer after 6 months and 29% of homes had still not secured a buyer after a year.

Property expert at Rightmove, Miles Shipside, said that if you did not find a buyer after a few months of marketing, then the overall demand in your region is low as a result of the local housing market conditions. However, if other houses are selling but not yours, then the price is either too high, or you have a home with a limited appeal. If you are unlucky it could be both.

Well, instead of lowering the price, if you have the money, you should consider improving its appeal. This may mean refitting the bathroom and kitchen, which are the most impactful rooms when it comes to selling. You can rearrange the layout or install an extension that makes an ensuite bathroom or an open plan kitchen.

It can also be as simple as giving the property a proper cleaning, a garden makeover or putting on a fresh coat of neutral colours. If there are more expensive works needed like heating, wiring, installing a new roof, etc. Then, you may want to consider reducing the price to allow for those things. However, get your real estate agent to make it clear on the listing that you’ve priced it accordingly so that buyers don’t try to negotiate for an even lower price. Also, detailed feedback from viewers and taking your agents advice can help you choose the best course of action.

That being said, here are a few tips that can help you sell your property relatively fast:

Do Not Rush to List Your Home if Everything is Not Ready

Most houses get about 70% of their interest in the first few weeks. As such, it not advisable to launch with placeholder photographs, descriptions or even without a floor plan as you will only blow your chances of impressing keen homebuyers. Ideal listings have at least 5 photos, a well-written description and a floor plan.


Potential homebuyers need to picture themselves living in the house and it can be hard to do so when your personal items are in the way. Remove those family pictures and any other unnecessary items to make the space as neutral as possible.

Kerb Appeal

People form an impression the second they see your property. So, to make a good first impression, it’s imperative to give your property kerb appeal. So, tidy the garden and paint the front door. An appealing front yard will make the buyer interested in seeing the inside.

Use all the Tools at

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Why Starting Your Own Herb Garden Is Essential To Any Hobby Farm

In the debate on whether you should grow your own garden, rear farm animals or possibly do both, a useful crop to consider in making your choice are herbs. There are several important reasons for this.

Firstly, if you decide to rear animals, especially if they are for personal consumption, having an herb garden will ensure that there are always interesting dishes on your table.

Consequently, if one decides to rear chickens, there are several new options available to you when preparing a dish. An herb garden has suddenly opened up a myriad of fine dining possibilities to its owner.

Moreover, there are several herbs that may be grown in your garden. These range from common herbs such as mint, sage, parsley, basil, bay leaf and dill to rare exotic ones such as Japanese wild parsley, chervil and sweet cicely.

Importantly, these may be grown either indoors or outdoors which is an added benefit. In either case, know that your choice to plant an herb garden is always the correct one. Thus, once you plant your own herb garden you will always have fresh herbs that you can pick. This eliminates having to run to the store to get that rare ingredient that best complements that special dish as it will be either right outside or just inside and thus easily picked.

There are also has added health benefits as herbs are of great nutritious value and in order for you to tend to it you will have to exercise. Importantly, you will save money for two main reasons.

Firstly, a small jar of herbs can be expensive. Moreover, if you decide to purchase herbs that are fresh, taste better and are of greater value to your health, you will pay even more. Growing your own will result in instant savings.

Secondly, stores may not sell some rare herbs. However, if you grow rare herbs such as those mentioned earlier in this piece, they will always be a few steps away. What is more, planting your own herbs, especially those that are rare, presents you with the opportunity to sell some of these and to make a profit

Having decided to start your own hobby farm, a step that is just as important to its success is deciding what crops you should grow or the type of livestock one should rare. Hence, your own herb garden is an essential component of any successful hobby farm.…

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Great Low Light Plants For Indoors

There are many reasons why one would be interested in low light plants. They may be limited in usable square footage for a garden. Some may be fans of them, or they may just be unfortunate enough to live under a very large Oak tree. I actually like them because there are a surprisingly wide amount of low light plants that look marvelous.

I’m also guilty of being fond of them because we too have a very large canopy over our home. This has its pros and its cons, buts for a different article. Contrary to popular belief, not all flowers require sustained light for success. Some would actually prefer a few hours, and there are those that do best in no direct light at all. In this article I will fill you in on which low light plants that work best for us.

I’ll begin with one of our favorite low light plants; the Spider plant, or Chlorophytum. It is called the Spider plant for very obvious reasons and that is because how it looks. One glance at its cascading narrow leaves and you would swear that it was an oversized insect. It comes in a variegated version, meaning that each blade-like leaf has a white stripe down the center. The “regular” version I find rather boring because its only green, as it should be. While it comes with aesthetic splendor, the Spider plant is well known for its indoor air purification.

A NASA study actually proved that it is the best indoor plant to eliminate indoor pollution such as smoke, mold, and pet dust. We hang them from our bathroom ceiling with no problems because they thrive in humidity. As a matter of fact, you should never allow the soil of the Chlorophytum to dry out. Keep it moist for a deep contrast with the variegated type and lush growth.

Speaking of growth, this species propagates very easily. Your first Spider plant may even have little “babies” hanging from the mother plant. Not hard to notice, the babies will spring out like its coming off a rappelling tower. Very fun and simple to grow.

If variegation isn’t enough and you desire more color, go with the Kalanchoe. These low light plants come in a variety of colors and mine happen to be the scarlet one. Each year I get at least three bloom periods from these succulents. If you know anything about succulents, you’re aware that these too are easy to propagate. Unlike some plants where you have to pinch off a stem to propagate, all you need is one Kalanchoe leaf and lightly press it into the soil.

Be careful not to overwater Kalanchoes because you will be sure to rot the shallow roots. Its somewhat of a delicate plant but it looks superb when trained to bush out. A great place for these low light plants is at the base of a tree, where the dark scarlet red creates and amazing contrast. If you …

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