Garden Furniture Trends For 2018

With Summer just around the corner, what better way to enjoy the sun than in the comfort of your own back garden. If you haven’t updated your outdoor living furniture then now is the perfect opportunity to revamp it for the days when you want to dine al fresco or simply chill out with the sun rays. If you’re looking for the most updated trends then here are few that you should consider so your back garden is ready for Summer ‘18.

Garden Furniture Trends For 2018

Garden Furniture Choices

Standard furniture sets are now a thing of the past with many homeowners now choosing to use their outdoor area as an extra dining room. Barbeques and evening dinners make the back garden a perfect setting for the summer with casual dining sets on offer. Alternatively, it can also be converted into space for relaxing and chilling out with various chairs and sofa sets now available. Luxury rattan garden furniture, in particular, is a favourable choice to provide this particular environment. The idea is to allow your garden furniture to accommodate for every possible occasion.

Textured Paving

This is ideal for a specific area in the back garden if it’s extremely large or the paving provides a natural effect to smaller gardens due to their imperfections. Gardens that have an urban look to them in a small space compliment textured paving extremely well. Garden features that are placed in the surrounding area really make them stand out to add the finishing touch to your back garden decor.

Verdure Palette

If you’re looking to make a bold statement in your back garden then purple will be the perfect colour palette to do so. This experimental trend is sure to provide a vibrant look that will bring out the personality in your back garden. Having a wooden backdrop with pastel coloured plant pots or wall features provides a lush of life that will help to bring out the most in your surrounding greenery.


Copper is expected to be a big hit for Summer ‘18 both as a colour and feature. Standard landscape colours such as dark greys and earthy blacks are provided with a sense of warmth through the copper features and colours that surround it. The combination of the grey will suit the greens that you see in the natural setting of the back garden. Fire burners and decking are great ways in which it can be used.

Growing Your Own Crop

With the rise in veganism as a lifestyle choice for many Brits, what better way to save costs on food and organically produce your own vegetables in your back garden. You can choose to grow many vegetables including tomatoes, salad and runner beans but add a bit of personality by growing them in a greenhouse or place them in boxes that can be placed in balconies or patios.

Here are just a few ideas that you can incorporate into your back garden to which can provide make your garden more than just …

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Remodeling The Kitchen And Bathroom

When looking around your home you can see that you need to spruce up the place. There are areas that need a lot of attention and you need to do something about it. You notice, however, that your kitchen and bathroom need it the most. It is not just the floors and other issues that see that should be redone but also the cabinets. You are going to live adding extra value to your home by getting these two areas renovated. It is time to add a new style to update both areas of your home. This is going to be one exciting project. 

Remodeling The Kitchen And Bathroom

The Kitchen 

If your kitchen is looking drab, then you need to do something different. When you first moved into your home, it probably looked really nice but as your home got older things started to become dull. Your cabinets starting turning a different color and your painted walls started to peel. The countertops look horrible and are turning yellow. You definitely need to do a huge makeover to give your kitchen back its lovely appeal. You can add some Wholesale G Series Cabinets Tampa Fl to your kitchen to make look really nice. Then there is the idea of adding marble to the countertops that would give the cooking space some pizzazz. You can repaint the walls as well into a darker or brighter color to go with the decor. If you do not want to do the job yourself, there are remodeling contractors that can do it for you. All you would have to do is check a few companies out and look at their work to determine if they can really make your kitchen look brand new again. You will find that professional contractors can do what you can’t when it comes to remodeling a kitchen. 

The Bathroom

The bathroom is where you like to soak in the tub and reflect on the hard day that you had. However, when you get in the tub, you are looking at remodeling the bathroom because it looks horrible. You need to redo the cabinets in there as well and you really would like a new tub, sink, and toilet too. The walls would also have to be redone. You can get with the contractor and give them an idea of what you are looking for in the bathroom. After that, watch them work to make it beautiful. When they finish you will hardly recognize it. Your bathroom is showing the wear and tear from all the years of use and could really use a modern upgrade. So you really know how beautiful it’s going to look once the remodeling definitely is complete. You can get your new features put in and have it looking like a million dollars. 

Getting both your kitchen and bathroom done are on the to-do list. They should make everything brighter and nicer than what it is. You will no longer be ashamed at how the kitchen and bathroom look.…

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