Understanding the Process of Growing Climbing Roses

To many people’s surprise, there is much more to rose gardening than expected. What you will find is there are a plethora of different rose species that can be included in the garden. One kind of rose that every garden should possess is climbing roses, which are also identified as pillars, ramblers, trailing roses and ever-blooming roses.

One struggle that some face with growing climbing roses is that they cannot grow their own support structures. Because of these, they do not have the capability of holding onto structures like vines do. For this reason, it is essential you as the gardener attach the plant to some kind of structure to properly hold it upright. While there are numerous structures that can be used, a few options include trellis’, arbors, fences, sheds, pillars and walls.

It is up to you to determine how to grow the climbing roses as they can be grown laterally or vertically. You will find that vertically grown roses produce more blooms because of the fact that they will produce short spurs along their main stem.

Another difference from climbing roses to other rose plants is that you do not need to prune them near as much. The more you prune the plant the fewer blooms it will produce. For this reason, it is best to leave the plant be for the first two years and then prune them every three to four years.

Outside of the way they grow and how you prune them, there are few differences to expect from growing climbing roses as oppose to any other kinds of roses. While they can do well in part shade, it is crucial you provide somewhere between four to eight hours of direct sunlight every day.

As with any other type of gardening, it is crucial you have an idea and plan with rose gardening to ensure they grow at a healthy and steady rate. One thing you will want to think about is the height or length they will grow to. The reason you need to think about this is because it is vital the structure you pick out can support the height or length. The different species of climbing roses will vary in height from 7 feet to 30 feet.

Two things that can differ the height or length you can expect is the species of climbing roses and the climate you live in. Ever-bloomers will bloom throughout the entire growing season and really jump up in height while spring bloomers will bloom in the spring as the name indicates.

It can be frustrating for some who are used to other kinds of rose gardening to come to climbing roses because it requires a great deal of patience. Do not expect to plant your climbing roses and see growth right away. It will take time for them to get established and start blooming. As soon as they do begin to grow, the overall beauty of the roses makes it all worth the …

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