How to Pick the Right Garden Type

There are several excellent reasons why you should add a garden to your property. First of all, if you are looking towards increasing its value then a garden can be an excellent way of achieving just that. Then there is the fact that you can derive a lot of positive feelings from a green area in your yard.

Now, having a garden goes beyond simply having a few pieces of plants in your yard. It means so much more than that. There are different types of gardens that you can go for and you need to be aware of the different types so you can pick the right one to go for.

To help you in that aim, here are the more common garden types that you can get:

Tropical Garden- If you want to give your place a jungle like ambiance, then you should go for a tropical garden. You should realize though that opting for this sort of garden is no easy task and that it would involve a great deal of work.

You need colorful plants for this garden. The only downside is that if you don’t live in a tropical or at least a warm and humid location, then it would be next to impossible to keep maintaining.

Herb Garden- Many people who are into alternative medicine and healthy living go for an herb garden in their yards.  Herbs can be used for medicine as well as for spicing up your food. Most herbs are also easy to plant and to maintain.

The only problem with a herb garden is that it might not be as aesthetically pleasing as tropical garden or others that have more colors to it.

Cottage Garden- If you are planning on having a garden more as a practical thing than a decoration, then you should try a cottage garden. A cottage garden would have a combination of decorative plants, herbs, and vegetables as well.  It is not structured and is just there for the sake of the plants.

Flower Garden- If you love flowers and the colors that it can bring, then this is the obvious choice for you. The great thing about it is that there are so many different flowers that you can use. The problem with this type is that it is difficult to maintain.

Vegetable Garden- If you are into plants and vegetables and you would like to have your very own source and supply of organically grown vegetables, then this is the type for you. This is actually a practical choice so you can have a good source of food to supplement what you eat. The only problem is that like other types that are practical in purpose, it is not very decorative.

These are just some of the garden types from which you can choose to place in your yard. These would be excellent choices depending on your need and your location. Be sure to consider carefully first what sort of garden would …

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Must Know! These 10 Excesses And Lacks Of Ceramic Roof

The roof serves as a protective house from various weather attacks. For that, make sure you have chosen the best roof and the best roofing contractor such as the roofing Oshkosh Wi. One of the best roofs you should know is the ceramic roof. Ceramic roofs have more or less the same material as traditional roofs, which are made of clay.

Must Know! These 10 Excesses And Lacks Of Ceramic Roof

However, this one roof uses sorted clay material which is then printed and pressed using modern equipment. Because it is managed with high technology, its precision and neatness will look better than a traditional roof.

After knowing a brief explanation of the ceramic roof, let’s just see the advantages and disadvantages of this roof.

The Advantages of Ceramic Roofs

1. Color is More Color Resistant

This more durable color is produced because of the sophisticated manufacturing process.

The combustion process with temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius makes this roof last longer and there are many colors to choose from.

2. Resistant to Weather Attack

This one roof is able to withstand various weather attacks because ceramic material is able to withstand corrosion from extreme weather.

This is caused by an interlock system that is superior to other roofs.

3. Superior Durability

This one roof can withstand a load of up to 180 kg because of the perfect combustion process!

So, you don’t need to worry anymore about its durability because this one roof doesn’t break easily.

4. Environmentally friendly

The material that does not contain harmful materials makes this roof very safe for the environment.

Because the main ingredient of this roof is clay and the rest is made of additives that do not damage the environment.

5. No Need Special Care

In addition, maintenance of ceramic roofs is not too difficult, you know. Because this one roof does not require special care.

For that, you only need to think about the color of the roof that matches side by side with the color of the wall paint.

6. Does not conduct heat

When the air is hot, the air will still feel cool because of the nature of the insulation which maintains the microclimate.

However, during the rainy season, the warmth in the room will actually be stored for a long time. Really a reliable roof, right?

Ceramic Roof Deficiency

1. Not Suitable for Minimalist Homes

Unfortunately, a thousand dear, although this roof has many advantages, the appearance that looks traditional makes it unsuitable for use in minimalist home designs.

Because the minimalist house usually prefers a roof with more modern design such as a concrete roof.

2. Expensive roof

The price of the roof model that is quite expensive makes the developers think that people who choose this roof should reconsider their decision.

For that, you also have to start considering your decision if you want to use this one roof.

3. Installation Must Be More Careful

Installation from this roof must be very thorough. If not, the roof of the house might be vulnerable to …

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Pruning Rose Bushes Creates More Beautiful Blooms and More of Them

Ideally, rose bushes are pruned to stimulate fresh vegetation and flower, take out decayed or defective wood, and allow more sunshine and air into the interior portion of the plant by cutting off unrestrained vegetative growth. This provides better flow, regulate the number and quality of the bloom, and enhance the overall view of the plant. Pruning rose bushes may also assist in preventing the risk of plant pests by taking out potential sites where these pests might live.

So when is the best time to prune? The ideal time for this process depends on the species of your rose plants and the place or locale where you are growing them. Most of the pruning is done in early spring or when the leaf buds of your rose plant start to swell. In other words, pruning should be made before start of growth for the season. However, there are rose varieties that bloom only once in the season. For these varieties, it is best to prune them after they have flowered in the summer. If you prune them too early, you will not see their bloom until the next year. In areas where there is more wind and snow, pruning in late autumn is done to make the stems shorter so they do not snap or be blown away in the wind or break at the lowest part when weighed down with snow.

What then are the essentials of pruning rose bushes? First is to utilize tools that have been honed and cleaned well. You may have an idea of how the plant will be formed but start pruning at the lowermost part of the plant. Be creative in allowing free flow of air and sunlight into the middle portion of the plant. Cuts are to be made preferably at an angle of 45 degrees about 1 centimeter over a stem bud that is directed outwards. Make a neat cut and not an irregular one. Cut out all defective wood such as damaged, broken, dead or dying ones. The cut must be as near to the lowermost part as possible.

All branches that look withered or dried-up have to be removed. Take out all feeble or thin limbs that are slimmer than a pencil. If pests are infesting your area, you may close the cut with white glue. Take off all disarranged stems including those that are placed too close to each other and those that are growing out in the incorrect orientation. Take out the shoots under the graft. Then cut off the remaining leaves.

Pruning rose bushes may seem a daunting task to some gardeners but it brings countless benefits to the plant. To become an able rose gardener, one needs patience, time, and effort. Always remember that practice makes perfect. At the beginning, you may do a very bad pruning but bear in mind pruning mistakes rarely kill a rose plant. It may look deformed but the rose plant will just grow out of the …

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Top Three Reasons Persian Rugs are So Popular

Persian rugs are certainly a statement piece in any space, be it homes, hotels or stylistic restaurants. They catch the eye and give a glimpse into Iranian history and craftsmanship. But what exactly makes them the rug that stands above the rest? Here are three reasons why the Persian rug still stands the test of time.

Top Three Reasons Persian Rugs are So Popular


Persian rugs are renowned for their superiority when it comes to quality. With many of the rugs still made in the traditional way; hand-woven, they are a cut above the more modern Persian rugs, mass-produced rugs found in home stores. While you can still achieve quality and style with machine-made Persian rugs, you can look for the more traditional hand-woven rugs by checking the knots on the underside. Machine-made rugs will be more ‘perfect-looking’ and neat on the underside where the knots line the edging – almost immaculate.  While this still makes for a gorgeously-finished rug, if you have a little wiggle room in your budget, the hand-woven rugs are the more traditional, and offer that extra piece of historical relevance.


One of the most appealing things about Persian rugs is the fact that the art of the hand-woven style is part of a rich, cultural history that has seen war, peace and uprising. Initially, Persian rugs would have been made for practical uses only, to cover cold, damp floors, particularly for the comfort of tribesmen. The craft of Iranian carpet and rug-weaving can be traced back over two and a half thousand years. The art of rug-making is steeped in Iranian history, with the skills to weave in this style being passed down through multiple generations. Styles will have shifted and changed over time as trade developed and grew, and travel across different areas of the country afforded a stylistic evolution.


Speaking of style, this is certainly the most obvious appeal of the Persian rug. While you can attain more modern patterns for a more modern-styled space, the original, historical styles still remain and offer a unique and stunning centrepiece in any room. The more traditional styles are inspired less by the plainer, more practical rugs form where the craft originated, and more by the art that followed, and the representations of colour and environment. Their designs are timeless, and absolutely beautiful. …

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