Air Conditioning – Benefits Of Using Air Conditioners And Cooling Appliances

As temperatures change it is becoming essential for homes to be equipped with high-efficiency air cooling appliances and air conditioners. But, the biggest dilemma for homeowners is whether the comfort of having an air conditioning system in place is worth the extra month-to-month expense associated with it. The answer is simple; yes. But, these systems do not need to set you back a small fortune every month either.

Air Conditioning – Benefits Of Using Air Conditioners And Cooling Appliances

Proper cooling and ventilation in your home comes at a price but, having said this, the newer systems available are also more energy efficient for the home. According to Candice West, head of sales for AirconSpares, new technologies in the field of air conditioning systems allow for less energy wastage and therefore result in more bangs for your buck. She believes that more homeowners are turning to high-efficiency systems to save them money while allowing for exceedingly high levels of home comfort.

 “Older systems used to waste around 40% of energy in the home. This was due to heat and cooling loss through pipes. Newer high-efficiency systems allow for up to 98% usage. This means that you will not only be saving money, but you will have your home warmer or colder for a longer time making them better for the environment and your pocket,” says West.


High-efficiency heating and air cooling systems emit more even air cooling and heating throughout your home. These systems are also designed to maintain more constant temperatures throughout your home environment. This is done by producing a more even flow of air alongside unsurpassed control of humidity levels.

Flow of air

Variable speed motors and monitors in high-efficiency systems are designed to ensure your home is kept at a constant and comfortable variable throughout the day and night. This is done by increasing the static air pressures through home ducts and piping, controlled by variable motors with adjustable speeds. Additionally, these motors operate at levels which are designed to be the most energy efficient for your home. High-efficiency systems are able to run year-round without any major effect on your monthly utility bills. Another great advantage of using these systems is that the airflow is regulated and filtered to produce far cleaner air in your home.

Less noise

The constant hum of an old air conditioning system is a thing of the past. New high-efficiency systems are relatively noise free. There will be no noisy startup cycle. All noises emitting from the units are absorbed into the unit through the use of state-of-the-art materials. If you are looking for an air conditioning system which is felt but not heard, you should consider installing a high-efficiency system.

Environmentally Friendly

Looking after the environment has become more important today than it’s ever been. High-Efficiency air conditioning systems use a third of fuel of traditional and older systems over the same time period. This means they are suited for environmentally conscious households. Additionally, the systems are available in a range of options. Programmable thermostats will aid in the control of home and office temperatures even when you are not around.