Bringing Your “Garden” Indoors for the Winter

If you are anything like me, your outdoor living space is somewhere you love to go and escape the craziness of the rest of the world. Depending how you have your space laid out, maybe you can hear the calming noise of water flowing down your fountain, smell the fresh blooming flowers, and hear the sounds of birds and natural breeze all around you; it really is my happy place. That is one reason winter is not my favorite. However, this year I didn’t let the winter win, and I made another “outdoor space” right in the comfort of my warm home. It isn’t perfect but it works for me. Here is what I did…

The first step I took was to empty out the small extra bedroom that we haven’t used for years. Most of it was trash the rest of it got donated! After that I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked out half a dozen light fixtures to assemble around the room to make it nice and bright. I use natural light compact fluorescent bulbs so the light really feels like outdoors. Also while at Bed Bath and Beyond, I found a small indoor water feature that acts as my fountain. It’s quite a bit smaller but produces the same calming noise. Finally, I went to my local Home Depot and got a variety of indoor and easy to maintain house plants. These bring a freshness to the air that you don’t normally get in the winter months.

I finished off my indoor garden with a few nice chairs and a small table to put some drinks on. It isn’t as perfect as my outdoor oasis, but for the few months that I need it, it will surely suffice. If you are interested in making an indoor garden, try getting creative to personalize it just the way you like it! Maybe you could wire up some small speakers and even play nature sounds of birds and the wind blowing; it’s your happy place to do as you please!