Top Three Reasons Persian Rugs are So Popular

Persian rugs are certainly a statement piece in any space, be it homes, hotels or stylistic restaurants. They catch the eye and give a glimpse into Iranian history and craftsmanship. But what exactly makes them the rug that stands above the rest? Here are three reasons why the Persian rug still stands the test of time.

Top Three Reasons Persian Rugs are So Popular


Persian rugs are renowned for their superiority when it comes to quality. With many of the rugs still made in the traditional way; hand-woven, they are a cut above the more modern Persian rugs, mass-produced rugs found in home stores. While you can still achieve quality and style with machine-made Persian rugs, you can look for the more traditional hand-woven rugs by checking the knots on the underside. Machine-made rugs will be more ‘perfect-looking’ and neat on the underside where the knots line the edging – almost immaculate.  While this still makes for a gorgeously-finished rug, if you have a little wiggle room in your budget, the hand-woven rugs are the more traditional, and offer that extra piece of historical relevance.


One of the most appealing things about Persian rugs is the fact that the art of the hand-woven style is part of a rich, cultural history that has seen war, peace and uprising. Initially, Persian rugs would have been made for practical uses only, to cover cold, damp floors, particularly for the comfort of tribesmen. The craft of Iranian carpet and rug-weaving can be traced back over two and a half thousand years. The art of rug-making is steeped in Iranian history, with the skills to weave in this style being passed down through multiple generations. Styles will have shifted and changed over time as trade developed and grew, and travel across different areas of the country afforded a stylistic evolution.


Speaking of style, this is certainly the most obvious appeal of the Persian rug. While you can attain more modern patterns for a more modern-styled space, the original, historical styles still remain and offer a unique and stunning centrepiece in any room. The more traditional styles are inspired less by the plainer, more practical rugs form where the craft originated, and more by the art that followed, and the representations of colour and environment. Their designs are timeless, and absolutely beautiful. …

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Inspired Kitchen Tiles

Using kitchen tiles is an idea of old that is just recently rebounding on the internal decoration trends. When you research on old kitchen styles, you are likely to find kitchen decorated with ceramic or porcelain. However, the old times majored on the immaculate and clinical white tiles. The modern times emphasize of freedom and creativity. It is in this spirit you find emergent kitchen tiles inspiration varying from mosaic to natural tiles among others.

Why Use Kitchen Tiles?

Before delving into how to choose kitchen tiles, it is only considerate to show you why they should take preference. The most common use for kitchen tiles is behind hobs and sinks. Often, this place on the countertop is subject to backsplashes, which leave the wall dirty or flaked. While there are emergent paints that can prevent adherence to dirt and water, these are somewhat non-effective in the long haul. Using tiles for the backsplash areas is a long-term solution for keeping your kitchen counter clean. Suffice to say, tiles are naturally water resistant and easy to clean making them the easiest solution for this problem.

Another aspect is the kitchen flooring. Certain features are essential while choosing materials for flooring. These include durability, water resistance, and aesthetics, to mention but a few. The kitchen floor is prone to water splashes, oil spills, and heavy traffic. These aspects would wear the floor material eventually if it were soft or less durable. This is the reason why we need durable floor tiles, which are both appealing and easy to clean.

How To Choose The Right Tile

This one final question bogs the mind of every kitchen decorator. Whether large or small whether porcelain or ceramic the choices are so variant one could easily get confused. However, the only tip to this dilemma is to use the personal inspiration. Kitchen tile inspiration comes from a personalized touch or tastes. With your kitchen’s natural look, you can choose the perfect tile for your kitchen.

On the same inspired note, do not be afraid to go all out. The modern age is of creativity and inspiration that is the touch of color and splendor on your kitchen walls. Many would deem it risky but use more than one color for your kitchen tile is a perfect way to go. Make sure though that the colors merge with the surrounding cabinets and surfaces. You can use creative art tiles too if your inner artisan comes knocking.

There are a few pointers while installing kitchen tiles as a DIY project. For small kitchens, it is preferable to use small tiles (100 mm-dimensional square). For large kitchens, you may use larger tiles (500 mm dimensions). However, it is best to use the perfect sizes in order to reduce the cut wastages. For backsplash wall being the sink use small tiles and if you deem it possible, you may use varying sizes. For full tiled floor and walls, you may use large tile (400 by 200). In these cases, …

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Easy Ways to Remove Tiles

Irrespective of, how old your own home is, you would always wish to beautify it with new looks. Probably the most frequent issues used for the decoration of houses at the moment is tile and very often you wish to cut the previous tiles which might be put in your house. So, the tile elimination service is required. It is true that it is the best way to decorate your own home and at the very same time it is also one of the most troublesome tasks. The explanations which have made the task, so embarrassing is that it makes your house dirty with the mud created where eradicating the tiles. Apart from this, the drive that is engaged with the task, create a huge noise that makes it disturbing for you as well as for the folks residing in the neighbourhood.

With the passage of time, we have now seen a speedy change in the growth of contemporary tools and with the help of them, the duty of tile elimination has become very easy. In the present day, there are various professional firms and companies offering property maintenance services that are can beautify your own home after pulling out the previous tiles with a simple procedure. They have made it possible for you to have the service with no hint of mud and filth in your house. Together with this, they are additionally can do your complete task in a peaceful way. The highly effective gear used by them, do not create a lot noise.

There are various qualities that a professional company should have to offer you an efficient service. Some of the vital qualities that it’s important to make sure within the company is that it abides by all the foundations and regulations. The task often turns into risky and that is why the professionals should take all the protection measures before engaging into the task. To be secure, security jackets and glasses should be used. The gear used by them, should be checked as an efficient service depends a lot. The professionals ought to have enough experience within the activity as they need to know he most secure way and most definitely, they should understand how to deal with the machinery.

After ensuring all these things, it’s important to check the licenses and insurance coverage of the company. It is extremely necessary for you to get everything accomplished without any harassment. It is unlawful to make use of somebody who doesn’t have a license and it is very necessary for the professional to be insured properly as it might show you how to escape from any accident which will take place where providing the service.…

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Merbau Parquet Floor For Minimalist House Floor

Before we step on the discussion of the merbau parquet floor itself, it would be nice if we know and know about this Merbau further. Merbau has many names, in each region alone the name for this hardwood variety. As in the area of ​​West Papua and Maluku, this wood has the name Iron Wood, because of the hardness of this wood.

Wood in English called Malacca Teak and Moluccan Ironwood has a tree that is very large, even the height of the tree can reach 50 m more. Make it can be shaped and cut into merbau parquet floor with a size that is easily adjustable.

For installation, merbau parquet floor has deficiencies and advantages, this is because the hefty weight makes it easy to store and set on the ground floor, but heavy to carry around. This wood has a texture with slippery surface and looks shiny (glossy) after used as parquet.

Although hard, merbau wood including wood that is not difficult to cut or shrunk. But with the fiber that is mostly straight to make this wood can break if nailed, then the installation of merbau parquet floor is more dominant using glue or other adhesive materials.

This wood is also very resistant to the attack of termites or other insects, this is because the content of compounds contained in it, compounds his name. for more info you can visit Reclaimed Wood Panels.

Stages of merbau flooring is divided into several stages, among others:

  • Installation

 Pieces of merbau parquet floor is prepared, then stored on the ground floor of aci plaster. Each piece is arranged to fit the desired area.

  • Sanding

Once installed, the next step is the sanding process. This is intended to merbau parquet surface to be flat and simplify the process of finishing.

  • Finishing

 After sanding, the next step is the finishing process by spraying top coating to bring shiny (glossy) shades, so the floor looks beautiful with a distinctive brown color of wood, and so nice when Step on.

Merbau is one of hardwood, so for business endurance and durability do not ask again. Therefore, the expensive price you spend (investment) for your home or building you will feel and enjoy in a long time.…

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