The Benefits of Glass Aluminium Windows

In recent years there has been an exponential growth in the use of aluminium which is fast displacing wood and PVC as the material of choice for architects and homeowners alike. The unique properties of this silvery metal, which makes up 8.3% of the Earth’s crust and 1.4% of its mass, is lightweight, durable and easy to work with. Unlike many metals, it isn’t magnetic, it is difficult to set on fire and has great heat resistant and anti-corrosion properties. When you invest in aluminium doors and windows you are buying quality and style that will last, not years, but decades.

Aluminium, Strong, Durable and Flexible in Design:

People commonly encounter aluminium in the thin foil sheets they wrap their sandwiches in, without realising that this versatile metal, that you can easily screw up in your hand, can also be extremely strong and tough, far exceeding the strength of wood or PVC. It is also a third of the weight of steel and can be made thicker and stronger through processing. Unsurprisingly, that is why its applications include, high-performance vehicles, space rockets and the highest of skyscrapers. It is the perfect choice for doors and windows and particularly those susceptible to high levels of wear and tear. The malleability of aluminium makes a range of design options possible and because of its strength, thin frames can hold large aluminium windows. When these come under pressure, from wind for example, the metal has sufficient elasticity to resist without breaking or cracking, and once the pressure eases, it returns to its original shape. Aluminium also has great tensile strength and won’t buckle, which combined with its comparative light weight is why it is used widely in high-rise construction.

Sustainability and Low Maintenance:

Arguably, aluminium is the most sustainable building material in the world. It is abundant and easy to recycle. Only 5% of the energy used to make primary aluminium is used in the recycling process, which can be repeated numerous times, potentially creating hundreds of years of reuse. All over the world in areas where bauxite, a principle component of aluminium, is mined, the land is returned to its original state once all the ore has been extracted. The main energy source used in the production of aluminium is hydroelectric power. When these factors are combined it is easy to see why the production of this ultimate building material has minimal long-term impact on the planet. Aluminium doors and windows are easy to maintain too; they don’t need the regular attention that wood demands, neither do they discolour as PVC can do over time. They are resistant to corrosion and the effects of pollution in the atmosphere and once installed will look great for many years. 

Thermally Efficient and Modern Design:

The high glass to frame ratio that aluminium provides increases the natural light coming into the building, providing a very modern and sleek appearance. Thermal break technology deployed on the frames, works to reduce condensation and keeps the heat …

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How Aluminum Windows Are Changing Homes For The Better

Homes that have multiple windows give your home natural light as well as keeping it well ventilated. This is why we all give importance to the type of windows we want for our homes. Perhaps, you get accustomed to the standard wooden windows as they are very common. However, this is now becoming very expensive because cutting trees today is strictly regulated by the government.

As a result, the supply of wood materials is getting lower. Some people tried to shift to steel windows, but this type of window is not only rare but can get rusty. This is why aluminum windows London are now becoming prevalent. Aside from the fact that there is an abundant supply of aluminum materials in the market today as aluminum windows offer many advantages.

Finishes and Option

Many homeowners choose a particular type of window not because of what’s in it, but because of what they can directly see; color and finishes matter. Since wooden windows have become part of our culture, it becomes difficult to shift to another type of window that offers a different type of finishing. Because of this, many people prefer finishes that look similar with the traditional wooden windows, and such finishes are available in aluminum windows.

Nevertheless, there are a lot more options you can choose with aluminum windows. Liquid painting is one of the most common, but you can also find some other finishes such as anodizing and powder coating. Meanwhile, anodized finishes are available in different colors such as champagne, medium bronze, dark bronze, and black.

ROI and Eco-Friendliness

Unlike wooden and steel windows that wear out overtime, aluminum windows last a lifetime because aluminum never rusts. No matter what weather conditions you have where you live, aluminum windows stay durable, especially if come from high-quality brands. Moreover, they have less maintenance cost as you don’t have to spray anti-termite chemicals or rust converter on it.

Furthermore, aluminum windows insulate better. They reduce heat on hot sunny days, so you won’t be forced to increase the usage of the air-conditioning system. Meanwhile, aluminum production is also energy efficient as it doesn’t require any machines that emit huge amounts of carbon monoxide. If you buy aluminum windows instead of other windows made from different materials, you can contribute in reducing a carbon footprint in our environment.


Affordability of window materials is subject to the law of supply and demand. When the supply of window materials is low, materials tend to become pricey. In the case of wooden windows, there is now a limited supply of wood materials due to regulated wood industry. As result, traditional wooden windows have become very expensive.

In the case of aluminum, there is no issue about the stability of the supply of materials. The main source of aluminum is bauxite as this is one of the most abundant minerals we have on earth; bauxite is processed and refined to become alumina. When smelted, it then becomes aluminum, and with such an …

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