Celebration for Being a Resident

It’s been close to one year since moving into the apartments in Parkville MO, and I decided to have a celebration. I invited my friends, some of which who I met in the apartment, over to my place to have a little get together. I really don’t like to have large gatherings at my place, because I’m always the one that has to clean it up after everyone has left, but in this case I made an exception. I just told everyone not to make too much of a mess while they were having a good time. People usually have good home training, so they don’t really try to make a mess of things, but there’s always one person who will do something stupid.

Things were going pretty went pretty well with the gathering, but I think we all had a little bit too much to drink that night. That night I tried my hand at playing the bartender and made some mixed drinks for everyone. I used a bunch of recipes that I found on the Internet and bought some ingredients from the local store. After making my fifth margarita, I was tired of doing it and just let everyone else make their own drink.

We were all singing and dancing and I even whipped out the old plastic video game instruments so we could have a little rock band. No one was particularly good at singing, but I don’t think anyone cared because they were all drunk. The game really didn’t care either, because it continued to give us high scores even though we were always off key. I could feel myself getting worse at playing the drums after each drink that I had. I was surprised that no one else complained about the noise we were making during the gathering.