How to Create a Summer Camp at Home

Have home renovations got you wondering what you are going to do with the children this summer? Use the changing environment around you to your advantage by inventing a DIY summer camp and transforming your home into a creative wonderland.

Summers at home can be when new memories are made and provide a time of relaxed contentment for the family. We have some ingenious tips to help you keep the children active and creating homemade masterpieces this summer while you enjoy some time at home.

Just add water

Keeping children cool during summer is simple: just add water. An easy winner is taking a couple of lengths of PVC pipe and drilling some holes in it. Attach the drilled pipe to your garden hose for an instant summer spray chill-out oasis.

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One disadvantage of a water world extravaganza outside is the stampede of feet re-entering the home, bringing with them water and other detritus from outdoors. Add to this the scuff marks of other stampedes with shoes, and furniture being moved around, and durability vies with aesthetic appeal to dominate your flooring needs.

Engineered flooring is a great option for families, with companies such as helping families to rework their flooring. When your flooring is durable, practical and beautiful, your DIY summer camp is off to a great start. Even the experts agree that engineered flooring is a good option for families.

Homemade memories

A DIY summer school would not be authentic without clever crafts creating something to remember the summer by. Create dreamcatchers together by cutting out the middle of a paper plate, placing a piece of string through the hole and hanging feathers and beads from the base of the plate, decorating the face of it with sequins and jewels.

Host your own summer school championship

If your group is large enough, divide it into two teams and ask the children to come up with names and colours for their teams. A favourite activity involves arranging two packets of plastic cups one on top of the other and seeing which team can knock their cups down the fastest using squirt guns.

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Spending more time together at home is a luxury families enjoy together, especially if there are squirt guns and dreamcatchers involved.