How to Keep Deer Out of Your Vegetable Garden

Most gardeners know that deer are a persistent, annoying problem. Their appetite is insatiable and they will eat almost anything. It is the natural instinct of deer to find set feeding grounds and visit them frequently. If this is your garden, then the deer will keep coming back until you stop them. There are a few different methods of control that can be implemented.

There are several varieties of chemical products available. The most common ones use urea, which is a chemical that is extracted from the urine of predators like coyotes or wolves. It is thought that the scent of a predator’s urine will scare off the deer. Another common deer repellent chemical is a spray of latex and rotten eggs (The latex helps the spray stick to the foliage). The idea being that the deer will not like the smell or taste of this spray and will, eventually, abandon the feeding ground.

If you did not want to try chemicals, you can try natural solutions. One is to hang bags of garlic around the garden. It is said that deer do not like the smell of garlic and will avoid it if possible. Another idea is to plant daffodils around the border of your garden. Daffodil bulbs are coated with a poisonous powder, so the deer do not usually eat them and will avoid them. Hostas are also said to repel deer. Unfortunately, if a deer is hungry enough, they will either ignore these plants or actually eat them anyway.

There are also electronic devices that can be used. One such device hooks up to your garden hose and uses a motion detector to spot deer. If it senses movement, the device shoots a jet of water out at the deer supposedly scaring them away. There are even electric stakes that gently zap the deer if they touch them.

Ultimately, however, none of these methods are proven to be completely effective. The only known method to guarantee deer do not enter you garden is to use deer netting. This is a fine netting, basically invisible, that you place all around the area where you want to keep the deer out of. Make sure you build it high enough because deer have been known to jump as high as 6 feet into the air.

Deer sometimes ignore or become accustom to chemicals and other methods of control. The physical barrier of deer netting is the only sure way to stop them.

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