Merbau Parquet Floor For Minimalist House Floor

Before we step on the discussion of the merbau parquet floor itself, it would be nice if we know and know about this Merbau further. Merbau has many names, in each region alone the name for this hardwood variety. As in the area of ​​West Papua and Maluku, this wood has the name Iron Wood, because of the hardness of this wood.

Wood in English called Malacca Teak and Moluccan Ironwood has a tree that is very large, even the height of the tree can reach 50 m more. Make it can be shaped and cut into merbau parquet floor with a size that is easily adjustable.

For installation, merbau parquet floor has deficiencies and advantages, this is because the hefty weight makes it easy to store and set on the ground floor, but heavy to carry around. This wood has a texture with slippery surface and looks shiny (glossy) after used as parquet.

Although hard, merbau wood including wood that is not difficult to cut or shrunk. But with the fiber that is mostly straight to make this wood can break if nailed, then the installation of merbau parquet floor is more dominant using glue or other adhesive materials.

This wood is also very resistant to the attack of termites or other insects, this is because the content of compounds contained in it, compounds his name. for more info you can visit Reclaimed Wood Panels.

Stages of merbau flooring is divided into several stages, among others:

  • Installation

 Pieces of merbau parquet floor is prepared, then stored on the ground floor of aci plaster. Each piece is arranged to fit the desired area.

  • Sanding

Once installed, the next step is the sanding process. This is intended to merbau parquet surface to be flat and simplify the process of finishing.

  • Finishing

 After sanding, the next step is the finishing process by spraying top coating to bring shiny (glossy) shades, so the floor looks beautiful with a distinctive brown color of wood, and so nice when Step on.

Merbau is one of hardwood, so for business endurance and durability do not ask again. Therefore, the expensive price you spend (investment) for your home or building you will feel and enjoy in a long time.