4 Must-Knows For Converting A Loft To Save Money

Many people today are weighing up the options for either moving home or converting their unused roof space into a loft. Today buying a new home will set you back around 100 times more than you would spend on doing a loft conversion. Additionally, moving home will require you to pay additional costs in solicitor’s fees and hiring a moving company. This amount will no doubt not cover any hidden costs.

4 Must-Knows For Converting A Loft To Save Money

It is for this reason that more people are turning to loft conversions. Not only are they saving on money but they are also finding that there is actually much more space available in the roof than they first thought possible. When looking at conversions for lofts, there are a number of options available to you and the one you choose is dependent on your needs. If you already have a larger home you might even find that you can convert a substantial portion of your roof and this will mean you can include two bedrooms and possibly even an extra area.

Chatting with your builder

Before you get started on your conversion you need to sit down with several qualified builders both those working independently and those who work for reputed building firms. Make sure that you get a number of quotes and find out in detail what will be covered in the building process. Additionally, ask around at what friends and family members paid for their conversions. By asking around in the area where you live, you will be able to get a good idea of how much other paid for their conversions and you’ll have a bench park figure on what builders will charge you.

Choosing the right people for the job

Once you have a few quotes you need to sit down and decide which type of company you will be going with. You might find that a building company will need to bring in additional craftsmen and this will cost you extra. Specialist companies dealing with loft conversions will arrive at your property will everything they need to complete the job. You might also find that building companies may take longer to complete the conversion that a specialist company would.

Do you permission to convert to a loft?

This is an important step in the process of converting your loft. Make sure that if you need to get permission for a loft conversion that you do so before work starts at your property. This is a simple process and will mean that you will need to pay a visit to your local council offices and put forward an inquiry. It really should not take long before you have your answer and will mean that your conversion will be done without you breaking any local laws.

Adding the extras

Once work has started on your loft you need to know that you can still change certain aspects of your conversion. Ask whether more plug points can be added to your loft or how about …

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