8 Kitchen Gadgets You Absolutely Must Have

8 Kitchen Gadgets You Absolutely Must HaveTechnology has impacted every area of our lives, even the kitchen. The microwave is no longer seen as an advanced piece of technology and there are numerous kitchen gadgets that have been created to make cooking and cleaning a breeze. There are literally hundreds of different kitchen gadgets and this article will cover the best ones that you absolutely must have in 2019.

1. The Smart Fridge

Yes, the fridge has become one of the smartest gadgets in most homes, in particular the Family Hub 3 model by Samsung. This fridge has tons of features that greatly improves its ease of use. For example, this fridge has an internal camera so that you can actually see what is inside of it, when you’re not home, you can view the internals of your fridge through the camera via the SmartThings Samsung app on your smartphone. So, if you’re in the supermarket and you’re trying to remember if you have butter or not, you can easily view your fridge through the app and see if there’s butter. If there isn’t any, you can simply buy it at the grocery. The fridge also has a touch screen tablet that is built into it so that you can access different recipes and even order various ingredients needed for those recipes. The fridge is even voice activated so you can do all of this without lifting a finger.

2. The Smart Oven

Next is the Samsung Smart oven that you can also control through your smart phone and you can use the app to pre-heat the oven before you reach home. This makes preparing meals much faster since you don’t have to wait for the oven to pre-heat. This can help you to save up to 20 minutes which is essential with our busy lifestyles.

3. Hood & Hob

If you’re like most people, you often forget to put on the extractor fan while you’re cooking to remove any smells. This often leads to unwanted smells being around for many days which is quite annoying. Thankfully, with the connected hood and hob, they work together and the fan automatically turns on once it determines you’re cooking. The fan is also automatically placed on the correct level. This greatly helps to reduce smells from cooking throughout the home as well as prevents damage to your home from smoke and moisture.

4. The Smart Dishwasher

The smart dishwasher is a definite must-have, not just because it makes washing the dishes easy, but how it detects when something has gone wrong. This dishwasher has sensors inside of it which determine when there are any leaks or blockages. Once it detects there is a problem, it has an alert which lets you know something is wrong. These smart dishwashers even cut off the water so that flooding doesn’t occur in your kitchen and home.

5. Cabinet Plus

Most people have tons of jars and food packages that are long expired lurking in the corners of their kitchen cupboards. …

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