About Shabby Chic Decorating

The shabby chic design is appealing to many homeowners. It can create the perfect ambience in your home while improving the aesthetics. Being an elegant and artistic design, shabby chic decorating gives the designer a lot of freedom when it comes to colour, furniture and accessories.

About Shabby Chic Decorating

Never let the pictures of shabby chic decorating on magazines and blogs fool you. Pulling such a design is not a walk in the park. Even skilled designers find it hard to create the perfect shabby chic design. This shouldn’t scare but challenge you.

Do you believe in your designing skills? Are you interested in embracing the shabby chic decorating style in your home? On your behalf, we have compiled a guide on all you need to know about shabby chic decorating.

It Starts with A Neutral Background

Although this design entails the use of pieces that are bold and colourful. You should always start with a neutral background. Reason being it balances out the appearance. For other elements of a room to shine, the background ought to remain subdued. If you use a colourful background, it may overlap other items.

In this case, background refers to walls and floors. You can opt for colours such as white or tan. The flooring should also be simple. When we say the background should be neutral, we don’t mean that it should be boring. Make use of architectural elements such as fireplaces to breathe life into the shabby chic design.

Vintage Furniture Plays an Essential Role in Shabby Chic

You can’t achieve the shabby chic decorating style without using vintage furniture. The best place to find antique furniture is in thrift shops or yard sales. Also, ever since shabby chic grew in popularity. There are lots of designers that make distressed furniture. Feel free to look online for inspiration. If you have the time and resources, you can purchase unfinished furniture and model it to your liking.

Note that our emphasis is mainly on distressed and not poor quality. Don’t get yourself a low-quality armchair that will collapse after a week of use.

Play Matchmaker

This is the fun part about shabby chic decorating. You have the opportunity to play matchmaker when it comes to picking accessories. Shop for pillows, mats, wall art and any other decorative items that will make your home look elegant and cosy.

As you do this, ensure that the house doesn’t look cluttered. Many are the times’ designers go overboard with accessories. As a result, they end up cluttering the entire place.

Bring Nature In

To complement the shabby chic design, you should bring nature in. That is, you could set up plants on the corners, forego curtains so that the room can get sufficient lighting. Keep the number of flower vases minimum, however. You don’t want your home to look like a garden.

Additionally, you can include accessories made of clay or stone. You could place a bamboo mat in the middle of the living room.

Final Thoughts

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